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25-year old Korean-American dude from New Jersey. Currently living in South Korea as a TaLK Scholar, teaching English at Jeonju Joong-ang Elementary. Contributor for Population GO, check it out @ populationgo.com.

I’m a little over 5,000 posts but I’m still working the kinks of the conditions and whatnot. I am going to limit to USA shipping only (sorry, sorry, sorry!) so that much is sure. What else is sure is that I am going to do this one way or another. 

Once I get home, I hope to put up a draft and see how it looks first. 

Why do I bother even announcing this? To not only remind myself but to commit once more. It’s been a little while since the last giveaway and in my head, I’m thinking this won’t be a huge fuss. 

I guess I’ll put down a hint: I’m going to spend $35 + taxes/shipping on this.

And yeah, only one winner. If I was richer, I’d extend it to two, including one for international. Sorry, wish I could fart out money. Not sure why fart but yeah… 

Look forward to it? Remember, follow Population GO if you want to qualify! 

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