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25-year old Korean-American dude from New Jersey. Currently living in South Korea as a TaLK Scholar, teaching English at Jeonju Joong-ang Elementary. Contributor for Population GO, check it out @ populationgo.com.

I know roughly 40% is anime and Pokemon, 35% is sports (mostly local NJ/NY teams), 15% cat reblogs and 10% comprised of life rants and whatnot, but hey, I made it this far. And because I’m a contributor to Population GO, I’m going to emulate a 5k giveaway, although certainly I don’t have 5,000 followers. 

I can’t look far ahead and I’m not going to control the rate of my posts but I will say that once I eclipse 5,000 posts under this handle name, I’m going to announce a neat little giveaway. Unfortunately, for the time being, this is limited to Tumblr only. I may add Facebook and/or Twitter later on so be alert for any updates. 

Early requirements to be eligible include:

  • Follow Population GO. You don’t have to follow me personally but if you have a knack for films, comics, anime, manga, video games and/or Japanese culture, do follow our ever growing family. If you are already following Population GO, then good, step 1 is completed already.
  • When the giveaway date starts, be active. I am going to keep a strict tally on who is participating. Who really wants it? Any monetary transactions will be done on my part, so you don’t need to do anything but cooperate, be classy and be patient. 
  • A winner will be randomly chosen. I won’t play favorites among those who qualify. Or rather, among those who participate and cooperate. 
  • I may post this on Population GO in the future (once I hit 5k posts) so keep an eye out for that. 

For now, that is all. As soon as I hit 5k, I will announce the giveaway. It may not be a big deal but I think of it as something of a thank you, especially to Pop GO followers. I wouldn’t be motivated without the hard work of fellow contributors, the relentless efforts of the editors and the readers that make us relevant. 

Thanks and enjoy the rest of your day. 

  1. yuumegari said: Oh snap! I should do giveaways too! I’m well past 5k posts! XD
  2. princessofmind said: If you’re disqualifying Ernie, does that mean I’m nto qualified period? Boo.
  3. allenaoki said: HOPE I WIN
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