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“Princess Jellyfish looks like such a terrible anime…”

“…it just appears to be an anime that doesnt add anything to the genre…”

“…and worst has no compelling character designs…”

Oh, Tristan. The poster child of judging books by their covers.

Juvenile plot. 


Okay, I’m done here. Before this gets blown out of proportion… again. 

By definition, you can strongly argue that all shounen titles are juvenile.

Who can strongly argue that? Naruto has many deep philosophical theories in it that keep it all from being juvenile. War and peace in the ninja world for one. I can say the same for Fairy Tail too. 

I guess you didn’t read the “By definition” part.

Anyway, I won’t claim that Naruto or Fairy Tail are juvenile or have juvenile plots because I haven’t read or watched much of them. It wouldn’t be fair of me to make assumptions or jump to conclusions like some people do out there. Right, Tristan?

And Princess Jellyfish has no deeper meaning. Self-identity has nothing to do with life. Nope. 

But kids fighting one another is considered okay. Yeah, I see where the world is going now. Thanks for the reminder. 

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    Pretty sure that was sarcasm… Lemme read what was said there before you again… yep, sarcasm.
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    Well Naruto is up there and so is Guilty Crown, but yes, I highly suggest you give Naruto a bit more credit for what it...
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    Tristan, the only reason I’m getting on your case is because your comments about Princess Jellyfish are all shallow...
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    Hey, good for you. Naruto is the best of all time; maybe only second best to Guilty Crown. I’m missing out on a lot: an...
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    come again?
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    Yes, please enlighten me!
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    I whole-heartedly disagree with this comment.
  8. pomf-loak said: It’s actually one of my favorites. We watched it in club a few semesters ago and it was REALLY good. It didn’t have a great ending because the manga is still continuing, but overall, the show was very very enjoyable and I loved it!